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About Company

To build the revolutionary NFT 2.0 gaming world for everyone to enjoy.

CityVegas.io is the officially registered company, one of the leading blockchain and Web 3.0 development companies.

The team contains developers, marketing geniuses, and global investors with multiple cultural backgrounds to expand different markets.

CityVegas.io is at the forefront of the booming industries of online gambling, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. It is set to revolutionize the landscape with the creation of the world's first NFT 2.0 Crypto Casino and GameFi City.

This cloud-based virtual city will operate on the Casino as a Service (CaaS) model, providing all the necessary infrastructure, including the GameFi ecosystem, NFTs, a marketplace, and a payment system. With this innovative setup, both players and reallife casino operators will be able to create their own custom casinos, complete with a diverse range of features, languages, games, and cultural themes.

The world's first NFT 2.0 Crypto Casino City promises an exciting new experience for online gamers, gamblers, and casino enthusiasts alike.

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Our History

History begins in 2014 with the foundation


Group of blockchain developers found the community


More Serious

Legal company found

Web 3.0

Company started to focus on web3 development.


NFT 2.0

Project CityVegas.io started