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To build the revolutionary Utility NFT 2.0 gaming world for everyone to enjoy is proud to be the world's first NFT 2.0 gaming City and will be the virtual world you have never experienced before. is the officially registered company, one of the leading blockchain and Web 3.0 development companies.

The team contains developers, marketing geniuses and investors around global and with multiple cultural backgrounds to expand different markets.

Tokenomics native token is called VEGAS. VEGAS has a total supply of 100 billons. Out of total supply, 25% of tokens are not for sale and will be reserved for future partnership, development, new features, and burning etc. 75% of tokens fair launched on May 2023.

A transaction tax of 4% will be implemented, with 1% of the tax allocated to the marketing and development wallet, 1% to LP pool, and the remaining 2% distributed among all VEGAS token holders.

Hold more Vegas, get more NFT 2.0 land parcels in the airdrop. For every 0.05% holding, receive one land parcel. Date of airdrop to be announced later.

Reserve 25 Billions
Fair Launch 75 Billions
Total Supply 100 Billions
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Utility NFT 2.0 based virtual world
New mind-blowing feature publishes every month

Utility NFT

Build-in NFT Marketplace Passive NFT income


Fully transparent Community-driven project

Web 3.0 integrated

Web 3.0 infrastructure World-first KYC NFT

Pre-build assets

Drag-n-play NFT assets No technical skills required


CityVegas has a comprehensive development plan in place, which encompasses numerous exciting features that are currently being pursued and will be accomplished in due course.

Seed Phase (May 2023)

Release token, create community, social medias, website, whitepaper, secure seed investment, finalise company structure, initial marketing.

Phase 1.1 (Nov 2023)

Create GameFi Casino City, release real estate NFT, build NFT marketplace. Release more revolutionary features, partnerships, major marketing campaigns.

Phase 1.2 (Jun 2024)

Create utility NFTs, pre-build NFT assets, KYC NFT, casino games, rooms, buildings, drag-n-play assets.